PBY 21-Day Challenge!

Lose weight and inches, gain lean muscle, and implement healthy, sustainable eating habits.


I want to learn how to eat balanced meals in the right portions for my body

I want to lose fat and gain lean muscle for a toned and healthy shape.

I am ready to feel better, look better, and get some healthy habits in place!


Stop the Dieting Cycle (once and for all!)

Learn how to eat balanced meals in the right portions for your body (you pick the food you like to eat!)


Maximize Your Time in the Gym

We'll show you the most efficient way to get your cardio in, burn more fat, and get on with your day (yay!)


Look Tight and Toned in Your Skinny Jeans

Understand how to build lean muscle while you are burning fat to look strong and fit without bulking up.

How Are Big Goals Achieved?

With small, realistic goals along the way.

Everyone needs a plan, and we all need some help staying accountable at times. Our experienced trainers provide just that, plus expert guidance, motivation and support to help you reach your individual goals.

You don't have to do this alone anymore.

Come see what is possible!





What's Included in the 21-Day Challenge?


Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take control of your health before it is too late!


2 60-minute private personal training sessions each week for 3 weeks


Easy to follow nutrition program and journal with weekly check-ins and review


Unlimited guidance, support and motivation from your team at the PBY Training Studio

How Much Does the 21-Day Challenge Cost?

Just $497

You can start your challenge any time until 11/30/17, offer ends then.

What our Customers Are Saying

In January I learned what I should eat and when. In mid-February I embarked on the fitness side coming into the studio twice a week, and recently increased to 3 times weekly. The results have been wonderful, I am down over 40 pounds and have lost more than 10 inches making me feel better and better about myself. Shoot, I even have a new wardrobe and look forward to the next downsizing wardrobe!

- Rob R.

It was an excellent program. Again, I just followed the guidelines and tried to stay on track. After the first week actually losing weight and being in first place motivated me to press forward. When my family started noticing the changes that were happening helped me to continue to the finish line.

-Dawn K

(went from a size 12 to a size 4!)